What you absolutely don't have to miss out in your holidays in South Tyrol

Besides its magical scenery, South Tyrol also impresses with a huge portion of culture, history and tradition. We reveal the places to you in South Tyrol that you must see – even if you are a bit of a philistine.


A good 5,300 years have passed since Ötzi died on the Hauslabjoch. A lot has happened in the meantime. Over 80 museums and collections tell us about the past – it is worth adding these day trip destinations to your list and finding out more about South Tyrol’s history:

Anyone who visits the Touriseum should definitely take a detour to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.

Palaces and castles

More than 780 castles, palaces and estates tower on rock ledges or nestle in vineyards, housing museums and collections or being run as castle hotels and restaurants.

Fortezza/Franzensfeste fortress

Fortezza/Franzensfeste was built between 1833-39, named after Emperor Franz I. of Austria and was the strongest fortress in Europe back then.

Hofburg in Bressanone/Brixen

The inner courtyard of the Hofburg with its Renaissance loggias, enclosed Baroque façades, old castle gate, Baroque marble portal and the Court Church’s little towers is one of the most atmospheric castle courtyards in South Tyrol.

Chiusa di Rio di Pusteria/Mühlbacher Klause

Chiusa di Rio di Pusteria/Mühlbacher Klause, built in 1260, was actually once a fortification and served as a customs station. It is accessible to visitors in the summer.

Castello di Rodengo/Schloss Rodenegg

The castle was built in 1140 by the Lords of Rodank and expanded in the 16th century by the Wolkenstein family into one of the mightiest castles in the country.

Castel Firmiano/Schloss Sigmundskron

The bishops of Trento built their main castle on a hill near Bolzano/Bozen and held their judicial trials there. A Messner Mountain Museum (MMM Firmian) has been housed in the castle since 2006.

Trauttmansdorff Castle near Merano/Meran

Even Empress Sissi from Austria appreciated the sunny location of the stately home with its mild climate and often spent a lot of time there with her family.

Castello di Tures/Burg Taufers

The fully furnished, very well maintained castle is one of the largest and most beautiful castles in the whole of the Tyrol region.


For centuries miners descended deep underground to mine copper, lead, zinc and silver in South Tyrol’s mines. Today you can explore these mines up close equipped with a helmet and headlamp.

Worth seeing: